DCM Construction Management, LLC 

Construction Management Services

Better Construction through Communication

DCM-CM champions the interest of our clients by managing a timely, cost-efficient and high-quality construction project. We ensure better management of each project through constant communications with the client, design team, and contractors via meetings, correspondence and frequent on-site visits. In order to control potential risks owners can face, we perform a thorough review of construction documents, costs, and schedules, as well as the continuous monitoring of construction quality.

Construction / Program Management

DCM-CM offers extensive construction expertise in the following areas: 

  §       Architect Selection

  §       Design Team Coordination

       Cost Management

       Project Management

       Quality Management

       Time Management

       Safety Management

       Contract Administration


Construction / Program Management
DCM-CM represents the client and is never affected by any conflict of interest.

DCM-CM will:

  • Provide expert insight into evaluating design proposals and selecting architects
  • Clearly communicate client requirements to the construction design team
  • Develop preliminary budgets and a master   schedule for the project
  • Conduct pre-bid conferences to clarify the project’s needs and assure responsive bids
  • Evaluate and recommend contractor proposals based on bid documents
  • Evaluate change orders based on the original bid by contractor
  • Review payment requests in relation to completed work percentages
  • Monitor job progress and resolve issues early to avoid delays, changes, cost overruns and disputes with the construction team
  • Control and monitor the overall scope of work as outlined in the construction documents
  • Coordinate technology design to ensure the finished project will be equipped for current and future needs  


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